Thursday, January 20, 2011

Packaging Types

Packaging types involve lots of other categories and classifications such as agricultural packaging, apparel packaging, chemical packaging, cosmetics packaging, electronics packaging, food packaging, gift packaging, media packaging, paper packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, plastic packaging, protective packaging, tobacco packaging, and transport packaging and other packaging applications also. Agricultural Packaging includes Agriculture Film, Corn Bag, Egg Trays, Feed Bag, Fruit Bags, and Rice Bag whereas Apparel Packaging consists of Shoe Box, Tie Box and Underwear Bag. Chemical Packaging includes Cement Bags, Jerry Can and Paint Pail while Cosmetics Packaging is comprised of Aerosol Cans, Cosmetic Jars, Cosmetic Tubes, Eye Shadow Case, Lipstick Tubes, Mascara Tubes, Perfume Bottles, Powder Case, Pump Bottle, Pump Sprayer, and Shampoo Bottles and Other Cosmetics Packaging. Food Packaging involves Bowl, Cake Boxes, Candy Packaging, Foil Containers, Food Bags, Food Wrapping Paper, Fruit Tray, Packaging Cup, Pizza Boxes, Tea Boxes, Tea Cans, Wine Bottles, Wine Boxes, and Wine Stoppers and Other Food Packaging as well. Gift Packaging entails Flower Sleeve, Gift Bags, Gift Boxes, Gift Ribbon, Gift Wrapping Paper, Other Gift Packaging, and Packaging Organza. Paper Packaging consists of Paper Bags, Paper Boxes, Paper Cups, and Paper Tubes and Pharmaceutical Packaging includes many products and packaging items such as Empty Capsules, Paper Medicine Boxes, Pharmaceutical Glass Bottles, Pill Storage Cases, Plastic Medicine Bottles and Other Pharmaceutical Packaging. Plastic Packaging comprises Plastic Bags, Plastic Bottles, Plastic Boxes, Plastic Caps, Plastic Film, Plastic Jars, Plastic Pallets, and Plastic Trays and Preforms. In contrast, Transport Packaging includes Air Dunnage Bag, Crates, Drums, FIBC Bags, FlexiTank, Gas Cylinders, Mailing Bags, Pails & Barrels, Pallets, Shipping Boxes, and Woven Bags and Other Transport Packaging.

Packaging Products

There are many kinds of packaging products and items such as adhesive tape, blister cards, bottle caps, bottles, cans, closures, handles, jars, lids, packaging bags, packaging boxes, packaging labels, packaging rope, packaging trays, and packaging tubes and strapping. There are many types of different machines, instruments and equipments used during manufacturing of food products. Examples of these machines include  Accumulating Machines, Blister Machines, Capping, Over-Capping, Lidding, Closing, Seaming and Sealing Machines Cartoning machines, Case & Tray Forming Machines, Check weighing machines, Cleaning Machines, Closing & Sealing Machines, Converting Machines, Conveying Machines, Cooling Machines, Drying Machines, Feeding Machines,  Filling Machines, Forming, Filling and Sealing Machines, Inspecting Machines, Detecting & Check-weighing Machines, liquid-handling Machines, Orienting Machines, Package Filling and Closing Machines, Packaging Machines for powdered products, Packing & Unpacking Machines, Palletizing Machines, De-palletizing Machines, Pallet Unitizing Machines, Placing Machines, Product Identification Machines such as labeling Machines, marking Machines, Skin Packaging Machines, Sterilizing Machines, and Vacuum Packaging Machines and Wrapping Machines etc. Many types of papers are used during packaging different products and commercial items. Examples of packaging papers are Waxed Kraft, Waterproof Papers, Steel-wrap Paper, Slip Sheet, Recyclable Pallets, PE Coated Kraft, Pallet Liners, Pallet Liners, Non Slip Pallet Liners, MOD Specification Papers, Corrugated Non Slip, Cold Seal, Bitumen Papers and Anti-Corrosion Papers etc. 

Packaging & Printing Materials

Packaging and printing materials are further divided into more items and materials that are used during packaging and printing operations. Packaging and printing materials include aluminum foil, composite packaging materials, hot stamping foil, metalized film, other printing materials, paper and paperboard, plastic film, printing inks, printing mesh, printing plate, pulp, shrink film, stretch film, transfer film, and transfer paper and other packaging materials as well. Paper and paperboards consist of coated paper, crepe paper, duplex board, glassine paper, Kraft paper, metalized paper, newsprint paper, office paper, offset paper, packaging paper, paperboard, printing paper, release paper, specialty paper, waste paper, and wood-free paper and other papers in addition. Out of all items of paper and paperboards, the category of office paper further comprises A4 paper, carbon paper, carbonless paper, cash register paper, copy paper, paper roll, photo paper, thermal fax paper and other office paper also. All examples of packaging and printing materials, as shown above, confirm the extensiveness and huge range of related products, machines and similar items which are used by all leading manufacturers, importers, exporters and suppliers of the world. A number of unique types of packaging and printing materials are being introduced in the market and it becomes really a difficult job to decide which packaging or printing material is appropriate and usable for your all finished goods and products. 

Packaging & Printing Machinery

Packaging and printing machinery is classified into various components, parts and machineries as packaging and printing machinery also includes packaging machinery, packaging machinery parts, paper processing machinery, paper processing machinery parts, paper product making machinery, paper product making machinery parts, printing machinery and printing machinery parts. Packaging machinery further includes auxiliary packaging equipment, blister packaging machine, capping machine, coating machine, filling machine, gluing machine, labeling machine, laminating machine, multi-function packaging machine, packaging forming machine, packaging line, packaging machinery, packaging machinery parts, sealing machine, and vacuum packing machine and wrapping machine. Printing machinery also entails machines and equipments like digital printer, flexographic printer, heat transfer, inkjet printer, laser printer, offset printer, pad printer, post-press equipment, pre-press equipment, printing machinery, and printing machinery parts, and rotogravure printing machine as well. Machines and components like packaging machinery parts, paper processing machinery, paper processing machinery parts, paper product making machinery, paper product making machinery parts and printing machinery parts etc. also require lots of more items and manufacturing accessories to finish off the industrial operations and processes. All types of packaging and printing machineries, as mentioned above, are manufactured according to the actual needs and requirements of various industries and manufacturing units in all parts of the world. 

Agents & Stocks

In the world of packaging and printing, agents and stocks are divided into two major categories that are packaging product stocks, printing product agents and pulp and paper agent. The available services help manufacturers and suppliers in finding valuable agents and stocks and this also greatly facilitates the process of packaging and printing so easily for the manufacturers and suppliers. There are many types of packaging machines depending upon the specific industries and production units. This includes accumulating machines, accumulating related machines, banding machines, blister packs machines, bottle caps equipment, box, case and tray forming machines, cartoning machines, check weighed machines, chopper, cleaning machines, closing machines, closing machines, coating machines, coding machines, collating machines, converting machines, conveyor belts, cooling machines, crusher, cutter, de-palletizing assembly, drying machines, enrobing machines, feeding machines, filling machines, form, fill and seal machines, imprinting machines, inspecting machines, label dispenser, laser cutters, lidding machines, marking machines, molder, orienting and unscrambling machines, orienting machines, over-capping machines, package filling machines, packing machines, palletizing assembly, parts attachments, peeler, perforating machines, placing machines, printing machines, sealing machines, sealing machines, seaming machines, seasoning machines, skin packs machines, slitters, stamping machines, sterilizing machines, unit load assembly, unpacking machines, and vacuum packaging machines and wrapping machines etc.